May - 2001:   Group Exhibition at Dragon Art Gallery, Hanoi

Nov - 2001 :   "Minimalist Path" Solo exhibition of Le Thiet Cuong Artist at  Dragon   
                         Gallery, Hanoi   
Jan - 2002 :   "To the new season" Group Exhibition at Dragon Art Gallery, Hanoi
                          Gallery, Hanoi
Sep - 2005 :   "The Grain of Rice" Exhibition at Thang Long Gallery, Hanoi.
Nov-2005 :      "My Authentic Self" Solo Exhibition of Le Minh at Dragon
March- 2006 : Group exhibition " Spirit of Vietnam " by Nguyen Thanh Binh, Hong
                          Viet Dung, Le Thanh Son at Green Arts Gallery in Dubai.
Dec-2006 :      Solo exhibition " Close to Heaven" by Tu Uyen at Dragon Gallery,
                          Hanoi, Vietnam.
March- 2007 : Solo exhibition by Son Lam artist at Dragon Gallery in 12 To Tich,
March - 2007: Group exhibition " A peaceful Land" by Nguyen Thanh Binh, Le Thiet
                          Cuong, Le Minh  at The Red Gallery in Dubai.
May - 2007 :    Goup exhibition " Colour of the East" by Le The Anh, Le Minh Duc, Vu
                          Cong Dien, Ly Tran Quynh Giang, Dinh Cong Dat at The Red Gallery 
                          in Dubai.
Sept- 2007 :    Solo exhibition " The Leaf of Le Thanh Son"  at The Red Gallery in
Nov- 2007 :     Solo exhibition " A Tranquil Path " by Hong Viet Dung artist at
                          The Red Gallery in Dubai.
March - 2008: Group exhibition " Tuman with Vietnamese Friends" at The Dragon
                          Gallery in 12 To Tich, Hanoi.
May - 2008 :    Solo exhibition " The colour of Streets" by Le Minh Duc artist at
                          Sutherland Arts Gallery in Singapore.
Sept- 2008 :    Solo exhibition " The Dreamy Land" by Vu Cong Dien artist at
                          Sutherland Arts Gallery in Singapore.
Nov- 2008 :     Group exhibition " Through Their Eyes" by Vu Cong Dien, Le Minh 
                          Duc Le Minh at Toriizaka Gallery in Tokyo, Japan.
Dec-2008 :      Solo exhibition " The original Pallets" by Do Son at Dragon Gallery,
                           Hanoi, Vietnam. 
March- 2009:  Solo exhibition " by Bui Huu Hung artist at The Red Gallery in  Dubai.
May -2009 :     Solo exhibition " Another from of Aboriginal Brocade" by Doan Xuan
                          Tang artist at Dragon Gallery in 12 To Tich, Hanoi.


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